Submissions: Write for us

Cultural Weekly’s purpose is to generate discussion and provide a forum for great conversations about our creative culture. We’re looking for more people to write on this site. While we don’t pay (this site is a labor of passion), we offer you a great forum of smart, engaged readers. Please see note at the bottom of this page regarding unsolicited and generic submissions.

Poetry Submissions

Poetry is accepted by invitation only, except during our open submissions period. The next open submissions period will be in summer, 2020 and coincides with our annual Jack Grapes Poetry Prize contest. We always remind readers via an article on Cultural Weekly’s front page when we are getting close to the open submissions period. Make sure you have subscribed to our email list, so you get our free weekly editions.

Article Submission Guidelines

1. Your guest article should come from your passion, personal experience and something you deeply care about. It must fit into what Cultural Weekly is all about (see above), and add to this exploration.

2. If you are a visual artist or prefer to express yourself in ways other than a written column, we’re interested in working with you to post your guest column. Please email us about this.

3. If you are writing, your first paragraph should start with something immediately newsworthy. This is your hook, your lead. Following paragraphs can move to your larger perspective. The style is informal – you should write like you talk. Provide links to other sites where appropriate. Plan to have at least two excellent images, at least 600 px wide, that are Creative Commons or that you have permission to use; image permissions are your responsibility. Please make sure to provide photo or image credit.

4. Be provocative. Make people want to comment. Our readers are smart and educated, and so are you. Cultural Weekly is a place where you don’t have to hide who you are and what you know and believe.

5. You can write as long as you want, at least 750 words is best.

6. We do not take copyright in your work. Your IP is your IP.

7. Please include your headshot and bio to run with your article.

8. We are happy to discuss your idea in advance.

9. We reserve the right to edit your article, and to decide if it fits Cultural Weekly’s mission and when to run it. If we decide to run it, we will provide you with uploading information so you can upload the content plus image; we will also provide screencast instructions.

10. When your article runs, we will publish it on the site, on Cultural Weekly’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, and send it to Cultural Weekly’s subscriber list. We request that you send it to all of your contacts and friends, people you want to see it, put it on your Facebook page, send to all of your social media, etc. Also send it to other media (other websites, reporters, journalists, commentators) who may refer to it or link to it. If you would like to encourage people to subscribe to Cultural Weekly as well, that would be nice.

11. Send all submissions to [email protected]

12. Let us know if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything. Have fun!

Note on Unsolicited and Generic Submissions

We get many inquiries from people who say they are bloggers and want to submit articles. Frankly, it is sometimes hard to determine if these are real people or not. If we don’t know you, and you have not come to us by referral, we require that you submit a verifiable bio, headshot, and social media handles so we can verify that you are a real person and not a fictitious persona.

If you submit a generic query, with content that does not fit with Cultural Weekly’s style and content, we don’t have the time to decline politely. If your query is really for marketing or advertising purposes, you do have the option of working with us for advertising or sponsored content; see this page under “Rates.” If we have, inadvertently, mis-identified you as a generic blogger and we’re not sure if you are a real person (oh, the vagaries of internet life) please send us your bio and social media so we can verify your identity. Thanks for understanding.