Happy Birthday Week, Visualist H. R. Giger


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  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.singh Gary Singh

    Contrary to what the host says, the museum is easily the main attraction, the reason to visit. The bar is, well, secondary. The host clearly knows nothing about Giger's career or his art. Anyway, I visited the museum and bar in 2009, received a wonderful tour from an English-speaking guide, and probably spent an hour inside the museum. I could have stayed longer. Any fan would tell you that. Regarding the bar, you walk in, have a drink, and that's essentially it. If you're a fan, though, you can easily spend a long time in the museum. For example, seeing the wall-size versions of The Spell, I, II, III and IV, right in front of your eyes, is mind-blowing, especially knowing that he just walked up to a blank canvas and painted those with no pencil sketches or anything. All in all, an absolute must for any fan. Giger will eventually be mentioned in the same paragraphs as Picasso and Dali, although he may have to expire first, before anyone has the guts to do that. Take the guided tour, if you go. Much better than this video.