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Welcome back and happy New Year! Today I just wanted to tell you a few random things. Okay, not so random. But I’m getting back into things myself and once the Writ Large Press gang has had our first meeting of 2013, I’ll once again start sharing with you our activities. For now, here are some thoughts, ideas, and other important things (level of importance may vary and may be completely in my head).


It’s odd having New Years Day on a Tuesday. I felt all this pressure to do work on the Monday. And the pressure got to me. Which means I ended up not doing so much work. BUT! We did right make a couple of lists, mainly to get ourselves organized, to remind ourselves of all the things that we have to take care of once we get out of our food and champagne coma.


Main order of immediate business: the book release for Billy Burgos’s Eulogy to an Unkown Tree. It will be at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA on Saturday, January 12, 2013. Starring Jessica Ceballos, Melissa Alvarado, Conney Williams, Rebecca Gonzales, Vanessa Flagg, and of course, Billy Burgos.

Gonna. Be. Spectacular.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: starting to stress about the books arriving on time from the printer. Frackin’ holiday business schedules…


Movies with writers as main characters are often pretty bad. And I have to say, Young Adult was one of the worst I’ve seen. Ugh. At least Charlize Theron wasn’t playing a poet. That would have killed me.


I registered domains for both the Indie Press Cartel and LA Writ Large. Oh yes. Both those things are coming alive this year. Mark my words.


Granted it was a small batch, but we just went through the first run of History of Butoh, the beautiful debut poetry collection from Khadija Anderson that we put out in October. Super proud. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, we’ll be ordering more soon. In the meantime, here’s the book trailer:

History of Butoh- Book Trailer from Caneyhead Pictures on Vimeo.

Writ Large Press and The Last Bookstore will be teaming up with the Crocker Club on a monthly panel of writers/artists/musicians/coolness. It’s going to be hot. Details to come.


Here are the authors we’ll be publishing this year: Billy Burgos, José Luís Peixoto, Mike The Poet Sonksen, Linda M. Pyle, Traci Kato-Kiriyama, Robin Maguire. It’s a hot ass line-up.

There’s a couple of other names that I’m trying to convince. You know who you are.


Well, the first WLP meeting will be in a few days. We’ll be discussing the insanely full year we have in front of us. I will continue to do my best to share with you everything we do. It’s been a pleasure being so open to the readers of this column. It has been a learning experience for me. I hope it’s been useful and interesting to you as well.

So because you are all so awesome, my mom says Happy New Year. Here’s many dumplings. Just because.



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Chiwan Choi is the author of two poetry collections, The Flood and Abductions. He is also Co-Founder and Editor of Writ Large Press, a downtown Los Angeles based literary small press.

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