How Entrepreneurs and Creatives Can Change the World


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There are 60 million creatives and entrepreneurs in America. They are the innovators and the artists, and the intra-preneurs who work inside big companies; collectively, they are the key to re-energizing our country, economically and culturally.

Creative-Entrepreneurs create things and bring them into the world; they bring about change, because change is what they do. These are the people who give us “premieres” and “new work.” They make things “different” “bigger,” “better,” “new,” and “improved.”

In this video from Adam Leipzig, a preview from a training program we’re launching to train entrepreneurs and creatives, I share why I’m so frustrated with where we are today, and how we will transform our lives if we make a 10 percent change.


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Adam Leipzig

Adam Leipzig

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Adam Leipzig, Cultural Weekly’s publisher, former president of National Geographic Films and senior Disney executive, is CEO of Entertainment Media Partners and a keynote speaker. He is the author of ‘Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers: Get Your Movie Made, Get Your Movie Seen and Turn the Tables on Hollywood,’ available here and at iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and Nook.

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