Flashmob In Moscow. Best. Ever.


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Puttin’ on the Ritz in Moscow Flashmob

With bravado, gymnastics, synchronicity, choreography, crazy Russian energy and unbridled joy, this Moscow flashmob performs Irving Berlin’s classic “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” As more and more people join in, and the staging (not to mention the camera work) becomes more and more elaborate, you’ll probably agree with us: This is the Best. Flashmob. Ever.


  • Carol Green

    While stumbling around all these lovely pieces of dance, poetry, art and remembrance here at Cultural Weekly, I gave myself a present watching this entry on The Best Flash Mob ever. Oh, yum. Made my day. I love it here at Cultural Weekly. What a beautiful community of riches. Thank you, Adam, you always elevate the conversation and it's so much fun up here.

  • http://www.khadijaanderson.com Khadija

    Greatest!!!! <3 Dancers!!!

  • Adrienne Fohrmann

    amazing……always makes me smile……..thank you Moscow!!!!!!