Best and Worst: Jeff Koons

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My last program with a reference to the art of super-famous Jeff Koons as “Shiny, Bubbly and Boring…” hit a nerve with listeners. I got quite a lot of responses to this program and you might want to read them on KCRW’s website. Here are a few of my favorites:

Esther wrote:
I may not have the money of Eli Broad or Taschen, but, to me, Koons’ work is dreck [Yiddish for bad smelly stuff]……………and your column is not.

This next comment was submitted by Kathy:
Really good column. When I was reviewing art in the 1980s, Koons was considered a joke. (Still is as far as I’m concerned.)

David exclaimed:
OMG! That is the ugliest piece of art I’ve ever seen! Thanks for calling a spade a spade.



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