Lizzy Ellison and Cellos Soar to Beck’s ‘The Title of This Song’


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Alternative music artist Beck‘s latest album is a radical experiment: Song Reader is a book of sheet music, and he has invited musicians of all stripes to lend their own interpretations.

In this lush and memorable video, the Portland Cello Project and vocalist Lizzy Ellison perform ‘The Title of This Song.’


  • Cookie


  • D. gilbert

    Sundance may be credited for a "movie renaissance." However, I think Beck's sheets and the Porland Cello Ensemble Project: strings, horns, percussion, keyboard, guitars, and Miss Ellison and back-up vocalists may have struck up a "music renaissance." The portent of musicians able and passionate enough to perform outside the cliche of the I, IV, V chord changes, give hope to the pleasure of listening to the magic of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. The body language and expressions of the woman cellist with short back hair was my beacon in the performance.
    D. Gilbert

  • Carrie Hill

    So beautiful! What an amazing carousel of sound and vibration-reminiscent of a 70's Carpenters/Jefferson Airplane mash-up. It's so refreshing to hear the pure sounds of the instruments against such a piercing voice- like a beam of light coming through a dark clear night. It is truly a pleasure to listen to.